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Upas Street Pipeline Project

for the City of San Diego

IEC completed the design of the City of San Diego’s Upas Street Pipeline Replacement Project. Portions of the Upas Street project extend from Lindbergh Field east along Upas Street, crossing I-5 and State Route 163, and bordering Balboa Park and Morley Field through sensitive habitat, residential neighborhoods and utility-congested streets east to 30th Street, including heavy traffic areas of Park Blvd and 5th Avenue between Upas Street and Robinson Avenue.

The Upas Street Pipeline project included coordination, permits, reviews, and approvals from Caltrans, MTDB, North County Transit District, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority and the Unified Port District.  The project involved meetings and coordination with 10 different City Departments as well as environmental documentation and community outreach through design and construction.

As a part of the design process, IEC evaluated various pipeline replacement methods and worked with the City staff to confirm that a smaller diameter pipeline replaced-in-place could be accomplished. This additional analysis resulted in significant cost savings to the City.

Key Project Components

• 14,980 lf of 8-inch through 12-inch PVC distribution main

• 8,160 lf of 24-inch cement mortar lined and tape coated steel pipe with impressed current cathodic protection

• 1,640 lf of 30-inch high density polyethylene (HDPE) transmission main to be installed via horizontal directional drilling

• 210 lf of 18-inch HDPE transmission main to be installed via slip-lining

• 4 pressure reducing stations (3 replacement and 1 new) with flow metering and SCADA telemetry

• 4.9 miles of trench paving and street resurfacing